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No Gap Offer

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Health Fund Member with extras cover*

Dental Check-up + X-Ray + Professional Clean + Fluoride treatment = $0

No gap.  No out of pocket expense. We accepts all health funds.

No Health Fund cover

Gentle Dental Drayton has developed a low cost and fixed price preventative care package for patients without private health cover.

Dental Check-up + X-Ray + Professional Dental Clean + Fluoride treatment = $199 fixed price guaranteed!

Special Bonus

Patients signing up to the Gentle Dental Drayton No Gap Dental Care offer retain access to the pricing benefits irrespective of any future changes to price and/or policy. Guaranteed!

It’s our way of giving you the security of knowing your dental costs up front.

Gentle Dental Drayton encourages preventative dental care to keep your teeth healthy and avoid costly and painful dental problems. Our No Gap Dental Care* offer provides a range of dental services focused on helping you maintain optimum dental health.