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You deserve a great smile

You deserve the confidence and positive self-image that comes with having a great smile, and while we all feel we know a beautiful smile when we see one, there is no perfect smile. That’s because each person has a different perception of what is beautiful.

At Gentle Dental, our skilled, experienced cosmetic dentists see these changes in the lives of our patients every day, and we are passionate about the positive impact that is possible with a great smile.

At our first consultation, we will sit down, figure out what you need and come up with the best possible options to suit you. Only by listening to you first, can we understand your cosmetic dentistry goals.

Once we learn of any concerns you have, we will take you through a range of possible choices to ensure we can help to improve your appearance, your smile, even your self-esteem, and do whatever possible, to achieve the smile of your dreams.

Gentle Dental - transforming your smile.

Here at Gentle Dental, we are fortunate enough to have an in-house team of highly proficient cosmetic dentists. Who offers a wide array of cosmetic dentistry treatments, ranging from Invisalign, bonding, implants, veneers, crowns, gum lifts and much more.

Our patients are the centre of our care, and we believe in respecting you as an individual and thinking about how each treatment option will impact your life.

At Gentle Dental, we understand the importance of transforming a smile. Because not only does it increase a person's confidence, they smile more and smile happier. We see them go from hiding their teeth when they smile, to having a smile they love to show off.

Cosmetic Dentistry is all about improving the appearance of your teeth and giving you a smile makeover and natural look that makes you look and feel great.

The use of Cosmetic Dentistry can be as a result of an accident, trauma, injury or defects from birth. But, for some of our patients, they simply want a smile makeover to boost their self-confidence and appearance.

A complete range of Cosmetic Dentistry

Some of the options available through cosmetic dentistry, here at Gentle Dental, include teeth whitening, single tooth replacement, smile makeover (whole mouth), tooth restorations and replacement of old fillings.

We believe the patient should always be in full control. So we like to undertake cosmetic dentistry over several sessions. Allowing you time to adjust to the changes, provide us with feedback, and for us to make any appropriate adjustments.

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment Costs

As part of our comprehensive patient service, we offer ‘no obligation’ advice and information, so that you can make an informed decision before proceeding with any Cosmetic Dental procedures. We also submit ‘no surprise pricing’  quoted in advance, so you are aware of the total costs.

At Gentle Dental, we understand everyone has different needs, and that is why we aim to deliver a fantastic bespoke smile to all our patients every time.